Main Kahtah Features

Everything you need to create your e-commerce store.


No monthly or listing fees, Secure transactions, export sales data. Our fees vary from 6.5% - 9% transaction fee + 3.5% Payment Processing fee.
What can I sell on kahtah?

You can sell any item you like on Kahtah except for alcohol, tobacco, Marijuana or drug paraphernalia or items of a pornographic nature. Kahtah reserves the right to remove any listing or vendor that violates our terms.

What is the difference between the transaction fee & the Processing fee?

The processing fee is a fee that is paid to our payment processor, its a cost the Kahtah marketplace pays for each transaction. The transaction fee is the commission that Kahtah receives for each item a vendor sells.

What do I need to create my store?

It is easy to set up a shop on Kahtah. Apply for an account here. Upload a copy of your government issued ID, verify your mobile # via SMS, customize your store, choose a shop name, upload products and start earning money.

How do I get paid?

Funds are available for withdrawal once you accumulate a minimum of JMD5000.00 and the return window [14] days have closed on the transaction. Payment may be paid to your PayPal account or to your local bank account that you provided.

How much do I pay to sell on Kahtah?

All vendors pay a transaction fee and a payment processing fee. Once an item sells, there is a transaction fee on the sale price. The transaction fee differs based on vendor subscription. We also collect a 3.5% payment processing fee. The transaction fee is charged on the cost of the item and does not include shipping.

How many products can I upload?

For our starter plan (free) you are limited to 20 items. Our standard plan limits you to 1000 products and our pro plan limit is 2500 products. View plans.

Ready to start selling?

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