We are always here to help

Our relationship with our vendors and customers is very important to us. Whether you are planning to buy or sell in our marketplace, if you need help for any reason please call or Whatsapp 876-894-6927 or send an email to support@kahtah.com. In the meantime here are answers to some common questions.

Our buyers ask

Your first point of contact is the vendor you purchased from. You can contact them from their store’s homepage. If you are unable to resolve the situation then you can contact us via live chat [here] or via email kahtah @ kahtah.com

Yes. Kahtah marketplace transacts on a SSL secured server to ensure that your data is protected from interception and phishing attacks. Your data is transaction is seamlessly completed by our payment processor so your data is never seen by our server.

It all depends on the vendor you are purchasing from. Review the vendors terms and conditions and make sure you agree with them before you make a purchase. In the event of a dispute, kahtah will honor the TOC of the vendor.

Because each store is independent of Kahtah and manage their own shipping. Exceptions to this are stores that are fulfilled by Kahtah.

Vendors questions

To become a Kahtah vendor, start by going here and creating a vendor account. You can view the video below for a walk through of the sign up process.


Because we need to ensure that our buyers are protected and insulated from fraud. Verification is required because we need to ensure that you are who you say you are.

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