The Big Idea

To make e-commerce available to small business owners in Jamaica.

Our Story

It started as an idea, a dream even. That shopping for, selecting and ordering a gift for family and friends in Jamaica would be a simple matter.

But it wasn’t, so we created GiftBoxx the most technically advance gift shop in Kingston, Jamaica. We crafted a service that would put control into the hands of the customer.

We paired technology with a fanatical dedication to customer service, that helped to connect people both local and abroad one gift at a time. Store to door e-commerce was a reality in Jamaica.

We could have stopped there, but we didn’t. We have made it possible for Jamaican’s at home and across the diaspora to give unto others, efficiently and with style. Now we want Jamaican’s to give unto themselves, to experience the convenience of ordering goods online and have them delivered right to their front door within a day or two.

We are a third world country, we have many challenges, some of which we may never solve; this is not one of them.

Our Mission

Is to provide Jamaican entrepreneurs with the tools to create a 24/7 global storefront that will enable them to sell more products in more places to more people.

We are Kahtah


1. A circular padding made usually from banana leaf twisted and wrapped in a spiral for cushioning loads carried on ones head.

We are a GiftBoxx idea.

We Believe

That doing is better than perfect - Is this solution perfect? Nope. Are we anywhere near delivering purchases to shoppers via drones? Nope. That is why we are committed to listening to our vendors, our shoppers and our gut, as we improve this platform day by day and feature by feature. (We see you Amazon)

We want

  • To kick start ecommerce in Jamaica
  • Businesses to begin to leverage the power of the internet
  • Entrepreneurs to be local, think national and execute globally
  • To force the local banks to come onboard and offer us the tools we need to trade with the world
  • People to expect great customer service despite this being Jamaica

Well...we did say that this is a dream! Maybe you are a dreamer too and maybe if enough dreamers get together...who knows...


Are you ready to chase the dream?

You have built your business from idea to conception. Are you ready too take it to the next level?